How to Install Termux In Android Phones and use it : Terminal Emulator and Linux environment

Termux is an Android terminal emulator and Linux environment app that works directly with no rooting or setup required. A minimal base system is installed automatically.Additionall packages are available using the APT package manager.
Developer: Fredrik Fornwall 
Download link: screenshot_20161231-080757
Steps and Instructions :
1.Download and Install Termux In Android Phones .Open Termux and wait for its complete installation.
2.Now, for first time you need to use this command (as shown in screenshot):
apt update
3.Now,we can use  apt command.To know how to use apt , click on Help in Termux app  (Long press in Termux Terminal window will bring menu )
 4.To get list of available packages,use this command:
apt list
5.To install any package,say python ,use this command:
apt install python
5.To search any package,say python. Use this command:
apt search python
6.To remove/uninstall a package,say python , use this command:
apt remove python
7.To see installed packages, use this command:
apt list –installed
Install Lazymux in termux:-

apt-get update

Steps 4 : To Install Git on Termux

apt install git

Steps 5 :To Install Clang on Termux

apt install clang

Steps 6 :To Install Python2 on Termux

pkg instll python2

Steps 7 : Download Lazymux on Termux

git clone

Steps 8 :To provide the execute permission to install the dependency

chmod +x

Run the script using below command:


I hope this post will be useful to Android users and begineer hacker who want to use Terminal with Linux environment on Android  without need of rooting their phone.
If you face any problem then Comment below.

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