In this tutorial, I will first explain the methods that hackers use to hack Facebook account passwords and then I will discuss the solution: how to protect your Facebook account from hackers.

Hack Protect Facebook Account Password

How Do Hackers Hack Facebook Account Passwords? 

Facebook uses a 4 Level login procedure which makes it difficult to hack Facebook using techniques other than Social Engineering and Cross Site Scripting.

First Level:

Security SSL or 256 bit secured connection

Second Level:

Facebook login script checks for cookies in the system of user. If available, it validates the cookie and updates the cookie path, timestamps, and its expiry interval.

Third Level:

Facebook provides a redirection from the entered user information to their profile area.

Fourth Level:

Facebook doesn’t use conventional php/aspx/asp coding, rather it uses Client side Ajax Scripting with oAuth 2.0 protocol. It is almost impossible to hack Facebook using an input validation attack.


Common Ways to Hack Facebook

1. Phishing

Phishing is when someone tries getting into your Facebook account by sending you a suspicious message or link asking for your personal information.
Example: Joey gets an email saying he needs to log into his Facebook account and read an important message about his account. The email links to a strange looking website asking him to enter his username and password.
If you get a suspicious email or message claiming to be from Facebook, don’t click any links or attachments. You can always visit or open your Facebook app to check for important messages from us. It is the common method today to hack facebook.

2. Keyloggers

are the easiest way to hack a Facebook account. Keylogger programs can spy on what the user types from the keyboard.

A keylogger, sometimes called a keystroke logger, key logger, or system monitor, is a hardware device or small program that monitors each keystroke a user types on a specific computer’s keyboard. Keylogger is the easiest way to hack an Facebook account.

Want to read how hackers use keyloggers to Hack Facebook account:

  Hack Facebook Password using Keylogger

Keylogger programs are widely available on the internet. Some of the best ones are listed below

Vicspy Keylogger

KGB Keylogger

Sniper Spy

3. Facebook New Features :

I have come across a fake page that looks like Facebook is giving the user a choice of selecting new features for Facebook with their ID and password. When the user submits his/her Facebook login information through this page, his ID and password are mailed to the coder.

Protection: Any time a third party ask you to log back into Facebook, it’s a fake page and a phishing attack. Do not type your login information into anywhere except for Facebook.

4. Facebook Apps:

Many times you are provided with the link to a Facebook app in a message. Always read the links carefully, it may be something like As you see, one of the “o’s” in “Facebook” has been replaced with a “0.” This is a fake page.

5. Javascript:

You’ve probably seen a message circulating that asks you to paste a code in your address bar and see what happens. Check the code and if you are unsure if it is safe, then I recommend not using it. Be careful, even Javascripts can be used to hack Facebook!

6. Primary mail address:

If by some means a hacker came to know the password of your primary email address, the hacker can hack your Facebook by clicking on ‘forgot password’. Facebook will send a link to the already hacked primary email ID to change the password of the Facebook account. Then not only do they have access to your email address, but to your Facebook as well!

A best practice would be to use a separate email address for your Facebook, one that you don’t use for anything else, to help keep it safe.

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