Trity is an advanced pentesting framework for cryptography and spoofing. It is not a single, it is a combined tool that contains many tools inside.Dependencies:-

> Python latest version

> Sendmaiil, build-essential & git

> Linux OS. Kali linux, LTS, Debian-Jessie, Ubuntu and other.

Installation & Usage

In order to install this program, it is crucial that you are on a Linux-based distro, preferably Kali-Linux or BackBox.

First, git clone.

git clone

Change directory, and then run the installer script (Must be root or have superuser permissions):

cd path/Trity
sudo python

The script will install of the necessary dependencies for you. Other platforms will be supported in the future.

Once finished, execute with:


And for any commands type:-


 And if you faced any problem then you can watch this video tutorial too:

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