Krishna Adhikari

Freelancer, Programmer & Developer

What Can I Do?

Web Development

Can design, and develop attractive, secure, fast, multi functional and responsive websites for organization or individuals according to users requirement.

App Development

Can create native, smooth, user friendly application for android and IOS devices and publish them in Google Play Store and App Stores.

Domain & Hosting

Having own hosting servers, we can provide ssd and cloud hosting for secure and fast websites and register your custom domain at minimal cost with 24/7 support.


Can make your sites, or any other digital contents to appear on the top of search list of major serach engines like google, bing, yahoo etc.

Security Research

Can perform various tests on your websites, apps and software so that they can be secure and prevent for various attacks and attackers.


Can design different User Friendly, native and professional UI/UX and can implement the design into real world websites, software and apps.

Who Do I Work With?

About Me

Hello, It's me Krishna

I am popular in the field of digital world i.e. information technology. I had worked with many well knowned personalities and corporations to maintain their websites, software and too maintain security in their systems. I had published an android app in playstore since 2018 with more than 55k installs. I love coding, designing, development and playing with gadgets.


My experience with krishna adhikari has been refreshingly different from many of my experiences. He is extremely clear in outlining the project and scope of his work so there was never any confusion.

Ujjwal Bhandari

Marketing Director

I’m always impressed with the dedication I find when interacting with Krishna. I will recommend you to friends and families of my circle as you listen carefully and understand the context quickly.

Janaki Gurung

Regional Director

I feel get prevelage to work with you Mr. Krishna. The way you get my job is awesome and literally attractive. I look forward to work with you in coming days. Best wishes for your upcoming days.

Ajay Yadav

Program Coordinator

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